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Melt pump belongs to positive displacement gear pump, there is a strict proportional relationship between flow and speed of pump .Its mainly made up of pump housing, driving shaft, driven shaft, sliding bearing, back and front cover packing seal etc.Its inlet zone, transporting zone and discharge zone is constitute by 2 gear's tooth profile, pump housing and lateral cover.When working depends on driving and driven gear's mesh volume variation to transporting melt.Melt pump works on the principle of displacement.

As the gears rotate inside the gear pump chamber, they create areas of low and high pressure. An area of low pressure, or vacuum, is created between the teeth of the gears when they un-mesh. melt flows into this area of lower pressure. As the gear continues to rotate, the liquid becomes trapped in the pocket formed by the gear teeth and the wall of the pump chamber. Finally, an area of higher pressure is created once the gears begin to mesh, forcing the melt from the gear teeth and into the discharge outlet. But its no requirements for inlet flow pressure, even the inlet can suction at vacuum environment.


ZB series melt pump is mainly used in high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt transportation, pressurization and metering.ZB series high temperature melt pump's capacity from 0.5cc/rev-3200cc/rev, It can satisfy all kinds of single screw, cone-shape screw, parallel twin screw extruder requirements.
FB series high temperature metering pump mainly used for transporting medium or high viscosity medium out of the vacuum reaction kettle.working temperature ≤400 ℃, Outlet pressure difference ≤40Mpa, Model:from 0.5cc-12000cc.It can satisfy all kinds of pipeline and reaction kettle equipments requirement.


Melt pump is mainly transporting high temperature plastic melt that comes from extruder to die, its function is pressurization, stablization and metering, Its stablization of melt is better than any kind of extruder.When melt pump and single screw or twin screw extruder are put into ise withseries connection, the benefit of whole extrusion line will be improved significantly.

The main advantage of using melt pump:
1.Reducing the dimensional tolerance of extrusion product into minimum and use the unit weight material to produce more products.When you have a strict tolerance requirements or the orginal material is very expensive, using melt pump is very necessary, and more valuable.
2.When co-rotating twin screw and melt pump are put into together in granulation production line, comparing with the extruder alone, can improve the milling quality and quantity remarkably.energy consumption of per kilogram material can be reduced by one forth.
3.Adding melt pump om single screw or co-rotation twin screw granulating extruder, cooperate with pipe, sheet, film extrusion die can save granulation process and extrusion products directly.This sustem is suit for the product material which need to be alloying and modifying.It also can shorten the production circle to achieve energy saving.
4.You can use several small and medium size extruder feeding material to one melt pump at the same time, the melt moved to die through melt pump to extrusion large products (large diameter pipe, wide plate, film etc).this kind of production line has compact structure, needs small space, the extrusion products' section size more accurate and easy to control.
5.Adding melt pump on single screw exhaust extruder can make this system more easy to operation, excellent performance.under high head pressure and high capacity , you can voluntary accommodation extrusion output and no vent overflow circumstance.

Although you need to invested cost in extrusion line, as the melt pump has the above advantages, so you can recouping the capital within half a year or even shorten time.The melt pump as a auxiliary machine has a wide application in industrial developed country.Because of our domestic plastic industry development level has limit, so its not popular in our country in the past.With the increasing competition in plastic industries, people has to pay more attention to extrusion products to have a high quality , high accuracy and less consumption.

Use melt pump to achieve high quality, high accuracy and lower consumption soon is the best choice!