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Introduction to Melt Pump Accessories and Functions

Melt pump is a device used for conveying, pressurizing, and metering high-temperature and high viscosity polymer melts. The following is an overview of the main accessories and functions of the melt pump:

Gear: One of the core components of a melt pump, usually made of straight, helical, or herringbone tooth structures. The upper and lower gears rotate in opposite directions without meshing, and the molten material is transported through the meshing of the gears.

Melt pump bearings

Shaft sleeve: an accessory used to support and protect the gear shaft, ensuring stable operation during rotation.

Cover plate: The side plate that forms the feed area, feed area, and discharge area of the melt pump, and together with the pump body and gears, forms the working volume.

Drive system: including motor and reducer, providing power for the melt pump and driving gear rotation. Motors usually use variable frequency motors to meet different process requirements.

Melt pump drive system

Cross shaft universal joint: a transmission component that connects the motor and gear shaft, allowing for a certain angle deviation between the motor and gear shaft to ensure smooth transmission.

Electric heating rod, electric heating coil, and copper casting heating plate: used to heat the melt and ensure that the melt maintains an appropriate temperature during transportation.

Junction box: used to connect power and control wires of electrical equipment such as electric heating rods and electric heating coils.

Electric heating rod

Plug and cold water ring: used to seal the melt pump and cool the melt, preventing melt leakage and overheating.

Spiral seal: a special sealing structure used to prevent molten metal from leaking under high pressure.

Thermocouples and pressure sensors: used to monitor the temperature and pressure of the melt, ensuring that the melt pump operates at its optimal state.

High temperature melt pump shaft sleeve

In addition, the melt pump also includes some other accessories, such as bolts, safety couplings, etc., which together constitute the overall structure of the melt pump, ensuring its efficient and stable operation.

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