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Plastic granulation extrusion screen changer

With the increasing demand for the quality of plastic and ceramic products, many types of plastic, rubber, ceramic extrusion and fiber drawing equipment require the use of melt filter and screen changer. A screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device that includes one or more filters, used to filter out foreign particles and impurities when plasticizing polymer melt flow filters.

dual pillar screen changer

The plastic extrusion non-stop screen changer is a dual column and dual station hydraulic screen changer, which adopts a dual column and dual channel design, and two filters work simultaneously. When replacing the filter, one mesh works and one mesh is replaced, without stopping the machine to change the mesh, without interrupting the material flow, the production process is continuous and uninterrupted, with significant advantages such as high pressure and high temperature resistance, and no pressure fluctuations during the mesh replacement process.

hydraulic continuous screen changer

The plastic extrusion non-stop screen changer is more suitable for applications such as granulation, PE, PP, PPR, PERT pipes, sheets and sheets, cast films, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber spinning, etc., which require uninterrupted material flow and high continuity during screen changing.

plastic pelletizing screen changer

The plastic extrusion non-stop mesh changer has a good sealing structure design, which effectively reduces the mesh changing resistance and reduces the working pressure of the hydraulic system without leakage or seepage under high temperature and high pressure conditions; Having a larger filtration area, suitable for extrusion production of different materials and processes; Alternating working mode ensures stable material flow and reproducibility of the process during the mesh changing process; High precision machining quality, combined with the exhaust and feeding channel, reflects the excellent effect of filtration and exhaust; The main body has been adjusted to nitriding treatment, greatly extending its service life; The overall design of the product is reasonable, easy to operate, and the effect is excellent.

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