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What are the three major application areas of hydraulic screen changer?

The extrusion screen changer is an indispensable auxiliary equipment in the current rubber and plastic field. The function of the screen changer is to filter out impurities in the plastic melt, provide clean and impurity free plastic melt for subsequent processes, and ensure the quality of the final product. The screen changer is mainly used in three major fields:

extrusion screen changer

extrusion screen changer

1. From a plastic resin synthesis reaction device to an extrusion granulation production line for bulk particles.

2. Ceramic extrusion production line.

3. Polymer (plastic and rubber) molding production line, including blown film, cast film, sheet, pipe, profile, plastic recycling, granulation, wire drawing, underwater cutting, color masterbatch granulation, and extrusion lamination production line.

hydraulic screen changer

hydraulic screen changer

When selecting different types of hydraulic screen changers, comprehensive consideration should be given to factors such as production process requirements and equipment cost-effectiveness to select the appropriate screen change filter; For manual screen changers, the production line must have a brief time to stop filtering, while continuous hydraulic screen changers and fully automatic hydraulic screen changers can achieve screen changing without stopping or when slowing down the extrusion speed.

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