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Melt metering pump for PA66, PE PC sheet extrusion process

Introduction to Plastic Melt Booster Pump

Melt gear pumps can be used in extrusion systems as booster pumps or extrusion pumps, and can be widely used in various extrusion industries, such as sheet, sheet, pipe, film, granulation, wire drawing, cable, co extrusion, mixing, precision extrusion, etc.

plastic melt booster pump

The main structural materials of the melt gear pump

Pump casing: stainless steel/alloy steel/corrosion-resistant alloy

Gears: Nitrided steel/Tool steel/Stainless steel+Coating/Corrosion resistant alloy

Bearings: tool steel/copper alloy/stainless steel+coating/corrosion-resistant alloy

melt gear pump

Characteristics of plastic melt booster pump

Optimized tooth shape design for more stable transportation with minimal fluctuations;

No dead corner flow channel design, no material residue;

A simpler sealing method;

Optional wear-resistant configuration, suitable for high filling conditions;

Electric heating is suitable.

 sheet extrusion melt pump

Plastic extrusion melt pump parameters

Transmission medium viscosity: 100~30000000cP

Inlet pressure: ≤ 30MPa

Outlet pressure: ≤ 40MPa

Pressure difference can reach: 25MPa

Operating temperature: ≤ 350 ℃

melt pump for plastic sheet extrusion production line

Installation of plastic melt metering pump

The installation method of the melt booster pump is relatively flexible and can be selected according to the actual working conditions. There are various installation methods available, including motor+reducer+universal coupling drive/reduction motor+elastic coupling drive/reduction motor+universal joint drive/magnetic drive. Our company can provide selection suggestions based on the actual needs of users and supply complete sets.

plastic melt metering pump

BATTE melt pump manufacturer

BATTE melt pump is familiar with the extrusion processes of various plastic and rubber materials, and has extensive experience in the application of melt pumps in extrusion systems. It can provide melt pump equipment for various extrusion systems such as sheet, sheet, pipe, film, wire drawing, underwater cutting, master batch extrusion granulation, rubber preforming, etc.

melt pump manufacturer

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