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Are melt pumps suitable for all extrusion processes?

Melt pump is used for conveying, pressurizing and metering of high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt. From a technical point of view, there is basically no extrusion process that cannot use a melt pump. The melt pumps provided by Zhengzhou Batte melt pump manufacturers are commonly used in sheet extrusion (PET, PP, PE, PS, HIPS), compounding, pelletizing (wire and underwater), coating, pipe, profile, blown film and Cast film extrusion. Melt pumps are also used in the production of wire, cable, textiles (fibers and nonwovens), EVA, hot melt adhesives and PSA.

polymer melt gear pump

For some corrosive and heat-sensitive materials, the polymer melt pump can also be transported, but the melt pump for plastic extrusion needs to be processed in terms of process, such as flow channel optimization, pump body material selection, structure optimization, etc., to meet the production requirements. need. The melt pump products provided by Zhengzhou Batte include: PLA resin melt pump, PVC plastic melt pump, EVA resin melt pump, etc. info@battemachinery.com

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Melt pump is your extruder’s best friend


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