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How is the overpressure protection of the melt pump realized?

Zhengzhou Batte has many years of experience in the manufacture of polymer melt pumps. It provides melt pump in extruder equipment including: standard extruder melt pumps, rubber melt pumps, and melt pumps for reactors. Each melt pump has a prescribed higher working pressure. If this pressure is exceeded, serious damage may occur. A typical situation is a high discharge pressure caused by a "cold start", which means that the downstream adapter, screen changer or die is still too cold, or solid (unmelted) material is blocking the way. To prevent the melt pump from overpressure, the melt pressure sensor should be installed directly before and after the melt pump. Melt pressure sensors are usually connected to a control system with dual alarm functions (warning and shutdown). As a standard, Zhengzhou Batte integrates the pressure sensor thread into the housing of the melt pump. Therefore, no additional holes are required in the adapter before or after the melt pump.

polymer melt pump

Zhengzhou Batte provides melt pumps from a technical point of view, which can be applied to all extrusion processes. In recent years, domestic extrusion pumps are commonly used in sheet extrusion (PET, PP, PE, PS, HIPS), compounding, pelletizing (wire and underwater), coating, pipe, profile, blown film and cast film Squeeze out. Melt pumps can also be used in the production of wires, cables, textiles (fibers and non-wovens), EVA, hot melt adhesives and PSA. Melt gear pump manufacturer consultation info@battemachinery.com

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