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Single-plate four-station hydraulic screen changer performance advantages

The single-plate four-station hydraulic screen changer is also called the single-plate four-station hydraulic screen changer. It is suitable for pelletizing, pipe, plate, sheet, EPE, EPS pearl cotton, XPS extruded board; PE, PP, wire drawing, EPE, EPS, the effect is stable and significant in production; the improved product can meet the wire drawing and spinning of PET and other polyester products.

pvc extrusion hydraulic screen changer

Zhengzhou Batte introduced the single-plate four-position filter, which is revolutionary for the processing and filtering of heat-sensitive materials. The unique design and working principle realize the continuity and no fluctuation of the screen changer in a convenient and sensitive working state, which is especially suitable for heat-sensitive materials such as PVC. The advantage of Ji Dacheng lies in the pre-filling function before the screen change. Through four independent stations and vent devices, the ready-to-work screen can remove the air contained in the material before it officially enters the main flow channel and reduce the waste rate. Launch a variety of specifications and models to meet the processing needs of various extruders, or customize according to customer needs. With the widespread rise of emerging markets and the technological innovation of filtration systems, the production process is bound to bring more competitive advantages in the industry.

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