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Introduction to the application field and structure of F series melt gear pump

Zhengzhou Batte F series melt gear pump is used below the polymer reactor/devolatilization vessel or after the large twin-screw mixing extruder, and is used to stably convey a certain volume of melt to the reactor or pelletizer. The F series large-scale melt gear pump provided by Zhengzhou Bart has a displacement of 12000CC and an hourly output of up to 10T. Melt gear pumps are also ideal for other container applications such as hot melt adhesive production.

The F series melt gear pump generates high discharge pressure while adapting to low pressure feeding of high and low viscosity materials. The typical inlet pressure is vacuum or to 1.5Mpa. Even under very low container filling levels and high vacuum conditions, the selection of the feed port can optimize the flow rate. For higher viscosity, in order to avoid cavitation and ensure the positive filling of the gear teeth, Zhengzhou Batte offers a 170° gear opening.

zb-f melt pump

The new series F series melt gear pump occupies a small area and can adopt an all-stainless steel structure. The shell (forged or cast) contains internal flow channels, and the heating method can be uniform heating by steam or heat transfer oil. The F series melt gear pump can withstand a discharge pressure of 27Mpa and a temperature range of 400 degrees Celsius. The shaft seal is completed with single or double mechanical seals or standard packing seals. The seal design can realize quick and easy replacement. Zhengzhou Batte provides ready-made seals, which is an important feature, because a common problem of F series melt gear pump products is that the seals are easy to wear, and the seals appear after long-term use. Worn and need to be replaced.



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