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pp melt blown nonwoven fabric making machine

   Zhengzhou Batte is a professional supplier of melt pump and filter screen changer for pp melt blown nonwoven fabric making machine, providing high-quality melt metering and filtering equipment for domestic pp melt blown nonwoven fabric making machine enterprises. Due to the short supply of masks in the market, the melt blown cloth, as the core raw material of masks, has been unable to meet the market demand. Some domestic enterprises with conditions began to switch to the production of melt blown cloth, which stimulated the market demand for the relevant equipment of the melt blown cloth production line.

automatic screen changer extrusionZB-D gear pumps for pipeline

  The core raw material of the mask and the production process of the melt blown cloth are: raw material ----- melt extrusion ----- filter (melt blown cloth change mesh filter) ---- metering (melt pump of melt blown cloth) ---- air heating and compression ----- > melt blown cloth ----- > forming mesh ----- > winding. The main function of melt pump in the melt blown cloth production line is to accurately measure, control the output and fiber fineness, and continuously and evenly deliver the melt to the spinneret. The melt pump provided by Zhengzhou Bart machinery has the advantages of stable output pressure, improved product quality, increased extrusion output and reduced unit energy consumption. Learn more about melt pump price or product performance.

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