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Points for Attention in Melt Pump Pipeline Design pump

 In the design and layout of pipelines, the following points should be paid attention to:

A. Reasonable selection of pipe diameter, pipe diameter, at the same flow rate, fluid flow speed, resistance loss is small, but the price is high, pipe diameter is small, will lead to resistance loss increased sharply, so that the selected high-viscosity pump head increased, with power increased, costs and operating costs increased.

B. The discharge pipe and its joint should take into account the greater pressure they can withstand.

C. Pipeline layout should be arranged as straight as possible, minimizing the accessories in the pipeline and minimizing the length of the pipeline. When turning, the bending radius of the elbow should be 3-5 times of the diameter of the pipeline and the angle should be as large as 90 C.

D. Valves (ball valves or globe valves, etc.) and check valves must be installed on the discharge side of high viscosity pumps. Valves are used to regulate the working conditions of high-viscosity pumps. Back-check valves can prevent the reversal of high-viscosity pumps when the liquid flows backwards, and make high-viscosity pumps avoid the impact of water hammer.

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