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Characteristics of Melt Metering Pump Conveying Device

   The conveying device of the melt metering pump is composed of three parts: the transmission system, the melt metering pump and the control system. The drive system includes AC motor, reducer and frequency converter, while the control system includes PLC controller and its functional modules, as well as pressure sensor and alarm. These two systems constitute the conveying system of the melt pump. What are the characteristics of this conveying device? From the point of view of the structure of the conveying device of the melt metering pump, we can see the special features of the device. The function module of the PLC controller used in the control system can effectively improve the performance and ensure the accuracy and stability of the metering. In addition, the PLC controller also has alarm signal to remind, once the motor in operation, the pressure is too large or too small, the alarm will send a warning signal at the first time, timely inform you of the size of the pressure problem, can avoid some problems. Therefore, with this control system, the melt pump can work safely. Of course, the control system can work so smoothly, but also because of the protection of the transmission system can be achieved. Although the transmission system is only in silent operation, but if the transmission system does not play an important role in paving the way, then later transmission to the controller here, it is still not stable operation, so the conveyor is in fact integrated, can not be separated.

  Of course, besides the stability of the conveying device, some other devices of the melt metering pump are also very stable. However, in use, we must pay special attention to the maintenance of these conveyors, especially motor and speed reducer, frequency converter, after a period of time, are required to detect, to avoid failure.

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