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Cause failure of melt conveying gear pump

 Zhengzhou Batte, a well-known domestic research and development manufacturer of high-temperature melt pump, has decades of experience in research and development, production, after-sales technical support, etc. For the failure of the gear pump for melt transmission, the following common reasons are given in detail.

The reason for the breakage and failure of the driven gear and the driven shaft of the melt conveying gear pump is that the lubrication condition of the sliding bearing of the melt pump becomes worse and gradually bites to death, resulting in alternating bending stress and twisting stress, resulting in alternating bending stress at the root of the driven gear and the transition part between the shaft and the return wheel (i.e., the place where the stress concentrates). Fatigue fracture occurs under the action of force and torsion stress.

When the driving gear shaft and the driving gear of the melt conveying gear pump are intact, the reasonable explanation is that the safety factor of the bending fatigue strength and the contact fatigue strength of the driving gear shaft and the driving gear are relatively rich in design. In order to improve the lubrication condition of melt pump bearings, Butt High Temperature Melt Pump manufacturer suggested that the lubrication channel should be properly improved: a longitudinal groove should be opened at the outlet side of four sliding bearings, and a corresponding "eight" type groove should be arranged on the front and rear cover plates, and the upper end of the "eight" type groove should correspond to the two through holes on the inlet side of the pump body. The lower end is interconnected with the longitudinal groove of the sliding bearing, and the heating cover is added to the front and rear cover plates. The advantage of this improvement is that each bearing can form its own lubrication channel when the pump is running, and ensure unimpeded, and the manufacturing of sliding bearings is simpler.

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