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The combination of single screw and melt pump improves the performance of extruder

 Zhengzhou batte holds that the proper combination of single screw and melt pump provides a new way to improve the performance of extrusion molding machine. It can be said that the single screw - melt pump series extrusion system (or unit), is a high-performance extruder equipment. Compared with conventional single screw extruder, it has obvious advantages in melt mixing ability, extrusion plasticizing quality, output, flow uniformity, exhaust extrusion stability, wide adaptability and good operating performance. It should be noted that melt pumps with special properties should be selected when using SP units to extrude products with heat sensitivity, shear sensitivity or high wear filler.

With the rapid development of domestic economic situation and the increasingly fierce competition between domestic and foreign plastic processing enterprises, producers will put forward higher requirements for the quality and dimensional accuracy of extruded products, high production rate, low consumption, multi-function and wide adaptability of extrusion processing equipment. The application of melt pump extrusion technology, trying to use a single screw - melt pump series extrusion system in the extrusion production equipment, is an effective way to meet this requirement. At the same time, users can also get significant economic benefits in time.

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Melt pump is your extruder’s best friend


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