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Single screw extruder and gear pump

 Considering the advantages of single screw extruder and gear pump, the combination of the two - screw extruder and the gear pump has been studied.
Application of gear pump for filter rubber. Due to the high pressure accumulation performance and reliability of high-pressure aggregation ability and screen mesh pollution and increasing pressure to bring the replacement time production time is maximized. The required pressure in the extrusion process is essentially determined by the geometry of the downstream extrusion head and nose. Mesh filter used to filter the rubber compound in the extrusion head. Impurities may be produced by non dispersive fillers or chemicals.

Increasing the net pollution caused the pump output pressure continued to grow. Therefore, the need to reach the maximum allowable pressure difference before the replacement of the filter.
Single screw extruder is proved to be a mature component, it is used to heat or cold glue material continuously from the gear pump inlet port to the output port. This ensures that the pump flow is continuous at any time and the load on the impeller and the bearing is evenly distributed. The use of the extruder can make the load fluctuation of the gear pump significantly reduced when the load is loaded. The uniform load of the Combex system on the shaft and the bearing makes the shaft and the bearing of the gear pump longer.

In order to ensure that the gear pump to the common compound of the compound of the full filler, simply in a single screw extruder to build up 40 to 50bar pressure. For this single screw extruder in relatively low pressure, the unit power per rotation cycle is very high, although the energy input is still low. This leads to the glue can be very gently to the pump supply.

Single screw extruder and gear pump with pressure increasing, the output of their respective decline. The growth of the pressure resulted in a significant decrease in the unit power per cycle of each screw. In sharp contrast to the same pressure range, the reduction of the output of the gear pump is small. Single screw extruder is an open system, and its transport principle is based on viscous flow. On the other hand, the gear pump is the volume of the pump, for its operation principle, it belongs to the volume type conveyer. Relative to the single screw extruder, the output loss of the gear pump is very low as the pressure increases.

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