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Application of rubber gear pump in rubber polymer

     In the silicone rubber compound, using a gear pump is significantly superior to other rubber compounds, such as EPDM. This is because silicone rubber compounds have a very low viscosity, so the growth of the pressure on the single screw extruder output more in-depth. For example, the test results show that for a specific silicone compound, if the pressure increases from 10 bar to 40 bar, the single cycle single screw output will be reduced by 50%. Due to the low viscosity of silicone rubber, even in the relatively low pressure growth, there may be a large loss of output. Instead of using a gear pump to solve these problems and will be free from the pressure of the extrusion, only need to fill the gear pump, the pressure is about 5 bar to 10 bar. Compared with other rubber compounds, due to the low viscosity of silicone rubber, in the process of filling in the gear pump is required to fill the P1 is very low.

    The pump output pressure can be as high as 150 bar in the application of silicone rubber filter rubber, and a very low inlet pressure is needed. This makes the extruder gear pump system can get relatively high output.

   Extruder gear pump system of silicon rubber filter can be directly used for mixing, mixing for bulk packing tape. Rubber gear pump can make silicone rubber filtration efficiency of 1500 kg/h.

   The gear pump system of the extruder is introduced. The system is used for rubber filter and the output can reach 3500kg/h to 4800kg/h, depending on the proportion of the compound. The application of series rubber filter filter system theory is very suitable for rubber, this is because it has a high production capacity. The system is hot feed material, material from the mixed batch after batch pass out. The advantages of the Combex filter are that it is suitable for mixing and batch cooling. It greatly simplifies the process of filtration. As the hot feed is directly followed by the mixing, the compound is not necessary to re heat as a non tandem system.

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