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What factors affect the sales volume of melt discharge pump

   In the development process of melt discharge pump, the main restricting factor is whether its performance can meet the needs of customers. If it can, it can get a better development prospect, otherwise it will be easily eliminated, and its sales volume greatly reflects the popularity of the machine in the market. What factors restrict the sales volume of the melt pump?

  The first is the performance of the equipment. In the extrusion production line, the choice of it is to require it to bring better production benefits to the investment project, so it should have the advantages of high yield and low energy, and then the environmental protection and other aspects should also meet the requirements. In addition, in the operation aspect, it should be able to reduce the dependence on human work, which requires that the intelligent equipment is relatively good. These are the customer's output for the melt Basic requirements of feed pump;

  The second is the quality problem in the production of melt discharge pump. The quality mainly affects the service life. If the quality is not good, it is very easy to break down in the production, which will affect the efficiency of the equipment and increase the production cost. Therefore, the manufacturer must ensure that the machine has good quality, generally through the selection of good production materials to complete this demand In addition, the welding process should be perfect and there should be no pores, otherwise the life of the melt discharge pump in production is also difficult to be guaranteed;

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