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Some detailed rules for the processing design of rubber melt pump

The domestic professional melt pump manufacturer in Batte has superb processing technology and advanced processing equipment to provide users with high-performance and high-standard special melt gear pump equipment. This article discusses some detailed rules for the processing and design of rubber melt gear pumps.

1. Consider the strength and service life of the rubber melt pump.

The key to the strength of the rubber melt gear pump is the strength of its gear shaft. Due to the high viscosity and high pressure of the rubber melt, the two gear bearings are subjected to very large bending moments and torques. It is necessary to increase the diameter of the gear shaft and use high-strength materials. Due to the limitation of the center distance between the two gear shafts, larger bearings are not allowed, which limits the life of the bearings. Therefore, how to solve the contradiction between gear shaft strength and bearing life has become the key to designing rubber gear pumps.

melt pump for rubber

2. It is necessary to consider what kind of seal the gear melt dosing pump rubber extruder should adopt, which can effectively prevent material stagnation.

There are two types of gear support methods for the rubber melt gear pump: the sliding bearing using rubber melt as the lubricant and the rotary rolling bearing. Due to the high viscosity of the rubber melt and poor fluidity, if harder substances and fibers are mixed in the rubber compound, the sliding bearing may be damaged and the operation of the rubber gear pump may be affected. Therefore, rubber gear pumps often use rolling bearings, and the lubricating medium for the rollers is usually grease. In the extrusion process, how to ensure that the rubber melt and the lubricating grease do not contaminate each other, it is necessary to consider a special sealing structure. In addition, the self-cleaning problem of the gear pump system must also be considered. If there is a dead corner in the rubber gear pump, the rubber material will be stagnated during the transportation process, which is prone to local scorching, which will seriously affect the quality of the product.

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3. The manufacturing accuracy and cost of the hot melt gear pump for rubber must be considered.

Since the rubber melt pump is the key equipment for precision extrusion, in order to increase the volumetric efficiency of the gear pump, it is necessary to reduce the tooth side clearance and the meshing clearance. However, a too small clearance will cause the pump body and gear to jam at high temperatures. Cause the rubber pump to not work normally. Therefore, there are higher accuracy requirements for gears and pump bodies, and some key parts are required to reach level 5 accuracy. The improvement of precision is bound to increase the manufacturing cost. Therefore, it is necessary to find a balance between manufacturing precision and manufacturing cost during structural design.

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4. Consider the temperature control of the melt gear pump for rubber and elastomer when conveying materials.

Generally, plastic melt gear pumps use electric heating rods for heating, and do not cool the pump body and gear shaft. For rubber melt pumps, in order to prevent the scorching of the rubber, it is necessary to strictly control the temperature of the rubber melt. Inside the pump body and gear core shaft, a special temperature control system should be set up; the ZB-R series melt pump for rubber provided by Zhengzhou Batte adopts a shaft end water cooling system, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of scorching of the rubber.

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