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For the multi machine supporting screen changer

 For the multi machine supporting screen changer, engineers designed a simple and convenient solution for the user.

In the multilayer film blowing machine, or multi-stage filtration extruder, engineers recommended a set of hydraulic control valve group work station. Hydraulic screen changer uses hydraulic pump can drive to work for the screen. Hydraulic screen is composed of electromagnetic valve and activities. Hydraulic pump station is composed of an electric control box to work. Electric control box can be a set of solenoid valve, solenoid valve can control group. How many sets of screen changer, have how many groups of solenoid valve. So for the multilayer extrusion machine, increase the solenoid valve in hydraulic pump station above it. The same set of plastic machine network exchanger all connected to a hydraulic pump station to go on, so only need a control box can be, just need a worker to operate and control. With such a hydraulic pump station, to make full use of the. Not only improve the production efficiency, but also saves the cost of production, and manual input.

The pursuit of higher production efficiency, is the object of desire of many customers. So the design, will be used more and more widely, will also be accepted and appreciated by more and more customers!

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